Issue 68 - 1st March, 2012


Vital Stats
India's Infotech Industry
India’s infotech industry is now a $100 billion
India’s infotech industry in just 15 years has reached an impressive milestone of a $100 billion (INR 500,000 crores) in aggregate revenues, powered by software services, outsourcing of call centres, animation, accounting and others. The infotech industry employs nearly 8.9 million people, of which 230,000 were added in the current year to March 2012. The infotech industry is estimated to reach revenues of $225 billion by 2020.

Opportunities and challenges
While trends such as cloud computing, social media, mobile computing, e-gov and education are expected to be accelerators for the industry, worrying factors that may hamper its growth include political opposition to outsourcing in developed countries, competition to India from countries such as China, Philippines, Brazil and Africa and a shortage of talent.
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