Issue 74 - 19th July, 2012

Stellar Growth
Sunil Chandna

CEO, Stellar Data Recovery
Since 1993, Stellar an Indian based customer oriented data recovery solution provider has been bringing back smiles on the face of its customers after critical data loss situations. With a strong presence in Asia, USA and Europe, Stellar today boasts of more than 1 million happy customers spread across 170 countries. Its customers include large corporate giants as well as individual users.
Stellar’s mission is to develop powerful, advanced, yet simple tools for data and password recovery, repair, maintenance, erasure and secure backups. Connect caught up with Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Data Recovery to know more about Stellar’s Dutch operations, also its European HQ and the advantages they enjoy by being located in the most wired country in the world.

When did Stellar decide to invest in the Netherlands? How and when was this investment made?
In early 2008, Stellar decided to expand its data recovery service offerings to customers in Europe. We were exploring our options and unlike most India companies wanted to operate from mainland Europe instead of the UK. By the end of 2008, Stellar had identified the Netherlands as a target location to start its European service operations. In order to kick start its European operations, Stellar acquired RSE Data Recovery B.V. in April 2009. RSE was already doing business in mainland Europe but was bleeding. The initial investment was about 1 Million Euros.
Stellar runs a full-fledged data recovery service operations, that serves as our European backbone. Currently, Stellar employs 17 employees in the Netherlands. Stellar's office is located in Utrecht.
What advantages are you experiencing by being located in the Netherlands?
The Netherlands offers a good physical and Internet infrastructure and is culturally neutral. The laws are simple and investor friendly. It is easier for an Indian company to operate as most people speak good English. It makes the communication easy between the parent and daughter company. There are special incentives to organizations that invest in research & development that create new innovative technologies.
TheNetherlands is more International in its appeal. In addition to English, many people speak French or German and also understand diverse cultures. This makes it easier to do business across Europe. There are incentives to employ overseas skilled workers.
What assistance did you receive from the NFIA or other regional agencies during the set up phase?
Stellar received general advisory and information from NFIA. Also, NFIA helped Stellar with the 'Orange Carpet' visa facility that enabled immediate and easy access for top management.
What are your future plans in Europe and for the Dutch office in particular?
Stellar intends to expand its European footprint in the coming years. Our Dutch office would remain our European Headquarters.
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