Issue_96 - 26th May, 2015


MUST KNOW: TCS best IT service provider and best employer in Europe

According to a survey by Whitelane Research that polled over 1,400 CXO’s from top IT spending European organizations that control over 4,000 IT contracts across 13 countries, TCS is the best IT service provider in Europe. The survey measured performance and satisfaction levels pertaining to over 20 major IT service providers in Europe. TCS took the top spot with a general satisfaction level close to 80%. It also rated No1 in application services and infrastructure services. It retained the highest satisfaction levels both for large and small accounts. It was amongst the top 3 positions in Holland. TCS has also been named the top employer in Europe by Top Employers Institute in eight European countries - the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway in a survey that assessed over 680 organizations in Europe. It has been recognized as an exceptional performer across 9 diverse parameters and was in the top position in at least five individual nations. It secured thefirst place in Holland too for the third successive year.


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