Issue_96 - 26th May, 2015


MUST FOLLOW: Pokarna partners with Dutch firm to tap Benelux market

Indian Granite and engineered stone exporter, Pokarna has signed a pact with Dutch firm Dekker Zevenhuizen to address the Benelux region. Pokarna reported a sales turnover of Rs 170 crore in the last fiscal and has exported to over 50 nations. As per the new agreement, Dekker will exclusively distribute Pokarna Engineered Stone's (PESL) quartz surfaces in the Benelux region including Holland. PESL is a subsidiary of the BSE listed Pokarna. Dekker was established in 1930 and currently makes kitchen worktops and accessories in the Netherlands. The strong customer base and reach of Dekker and Pokarna’s expertise in quartz surfaces should be a good business fit for both firms and should be a win-win for both. The products will be co-branded as “EQ by Quantra”.


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