Issue_96 - 26th May, 2015


MUST FOLLOW: EU lifts ban on mango imports from India

The EU has finally lifted the ban on mango imports from India. This was done after the findings of a Sept 2014 audit by the EU's food and veterinary office in India that showed significant improvements in the country's export certification system for food items. The reason for the ban was the presence of pesticides beyond the allowable limits and fruit fly infestation. India lodged a strong protest that led to the Sept 2014 audit. India has now made a standard inspection process mandatory for all food export items. The ban essentially affected the export of Alphonso mangoes as over 30% of the mango variety is exported to the EU region and are worth millions of dollars to India in export revenue. The Netherlands is the second largest importer of Alphonso mangoes from India in the EU region.


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